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    World's #1™ WiFi Ecosystem

What is Em😊jiWiFi.c🦀m

A Very Disruptive New Medium 🤾🏻‍♂️😱
And a Syndicate ⚔️🛡

For Digital Marketers and WiFi Hosts 🥁📣🎯


Hashtags Over The Air (HOTA) via WiFi Beacons


 Three patents and counting


How Do We Disrupt

WiFi Beacons: EmojiWiFi APs are more than just hubs for wireless connection, they broadcast 8~32 WiFi beacons that can take you to specific landing pages with only single clicks.  

Phone Users: We turn the WiFi Pane in every smartphone into a local directory so you always know you are "Now Here" instead of "Nowhere" and what amenities are there for you.

WiFi Hosts: Our EmojiWiFi hotspots helps you to make money from advertisers because you own a lot of foot traffic and physical visitation at your location.  So, join the Syndicate and earn extra income.

Advertisers: Place your Ad's into WiFi Host locations, and benefit from Location Based Advertising and Analytics.  So, join the Syndicate and generate leads for your business!

The marketplace


好搭碼 橫空出世 - EmojiWiFi 熱點機

好搭碼 橫空出世 - EmojiWiFi 熱點機 on Biteable.