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What is Em😊jiWiFi.c🦀m

A Very Disruptive New Medium 🤾🏻‍♂️😱
And a Syndicate ⚔️🛡

For Digital Marketers and WiFi Hosts 🥁📣🎯


Hashtags Over The Air (HOTA) via WiFi Beacons

How Do We Disrupt

WiFi Beacons: EmojiWiFi APs are more than just hubs for wireless connection, they broadcast 8~32 WiFi beacons that can take you to specific landing pages with only single clicks.  

Phone Users: We turn the WiFi Pane in every smartphone into a local directory so you always know you are "Now Here" instead of "Nowhere" and what amenities are there for you.

WiFi Hosts: Our EmojiWiFi hotspots helps you to make money from advertisers because you own a lot of foot traffic and physical visitation at your location.  So, join the Syndicate and earn extra income.

Advertisers: Place your Ad's into WiFi Host locations, and benefit from Location Based Advertising and Analytics.  So, join the Syndicate and generate leads for your business!


 Three patents and counting


Trademark Certificate

 The most valuable Trademark registration: #1®


The marketplace


好搭碼 橫空出世 - EmojiWiFi 熱點機

好搭碼 橫空出世 - EmojiWiFi 熱點機 on Biteable.